Women's Club


A place for the women of Southbridge to connect!

The Dog Network

This group is Southbridge dog owners who are interested in getting together to improve the lives of our pets and our lives as pet owners. 

This group is for you if you can answer yes to some or all of the following items:

• Do you own a dog/dogs, or have you been thinking seriously of adopting one?

• Is your dog more of a true family member than a pet?

• Do you have questions about, or are you interested in dog obedience and training?

• Are you interested in training your dog as a pet therapy animal?

• Are you interested in animal volunteer work?

• Do you have questions about pet nutrition and supplements? 

• Do you have concerns about your aging dog or serious illnesses?

• Do you wish you understood more about animal behavior?

• Do you sometimes wish you just had someone with whom you could commiserate about a particular “doggie behavior” that is driving you a little crazy?

We hope you will join us.


Mary Foley