Women's Club


A place for the women of Southbridge to connect!

Executive Board

The Board members, our "unsung heroes", work diligently and consistently in the background taking care of all of the details to allow for the proper functioning of our organization. They oversee the membership, keep records, keep a close eye on our finances, plan events, collect membership and event checks, decorate, and so much more. 

These are very busy women!....and they have fun doing it!

You can contact the current Board at southbridgewomen@gmail.com

PresidentBoon Lang

Vice President,  Patricia Perez

Treasurer, Estelle Ramos

Membership, Suzanne Walter

Recording Secretary, Amy McGuffey

Corresponding Secretary, Malinda Smith

SWIG Liaison, Frankie Longo

Events Team:  Jane Tucker-Radley,   Beverly Suther, Raeleigh Bliss, Claudia Lohaus

Webmaster/Newsletter,  Regina Graham